Zwischen den Wellen 2013

It tells the story of Yann Kermadec whose dreams suddenly come true when he has to replace the DCNS star skipper at the last minute before the start of the Vendée Globe (a round-the-world ...

All Titles
  • FR: En solitaire En solitaire
  • BR: Contra a Maré Contra a Maré
  • CA: En solitaire En solitaire
  • GR: Αλλαγή πορείας Αλλαγή πορείας
  • HU: Fordulópont Fordulópont
  • IL: Solo bi'shna'yim Solo bi'shna'yim
  • IT: In solitario In solitario
  • LT: Vienas pries bangas ir veja Vienas pries bangas ir veja
  • NO: Ubuden gjest Ubuden gjest
  • PL: Samotny rejs Samotny rejs
  • PT: Em Solitário Em Solitário
  • RU: Одиночка Одиночка
  • ES: En solitario En solitario
  • SE: Den objudne gästen Den objudne gästen
  • TR: Akintiya Karsi Akintiya Karsi
  • FR: Turning Tide Turning Tide
Directed by Christophe Offenstein
Artists Emmanuelle Bercot
as Médecin de la course
Lucas Bonnifait
as Logisticien Team DCNS
Guillaume Canet
as Frank Drevil
Release date 18 Sep 2014
Genre Adventure Drama Sport
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