Wilde Nächte 1992

Biography Drama

Jean is young, gay, and promiscuous. Only after he meets one or two women, including Laura does he come to realize his bisexuality. Jean has to overcome a personal crisis (he is ...

All Titles
  • FR: Les nuits fauves Les nuits fauves
  • BR: Noites Felinas Noites Felinas
  • CA: Les nuits fauves Les nuits fauves
  • DK: Vilde nætter Vilde nætter
  • FI: Villit yöt Villit yöt
  • GR: Agries nyhtes Agries nyhtes
  • HU: Vad éjszakák Vad éjszakák
  • IT: Notti selvagge Notti selvagge
  • PL: Dzikie noce Dzikie noce
  • PT: Noites Bravas Noites Bravas
  • RU: Дикие ночи Дикие ночи
  • ES: Las noches salvajes Las noches salvajes
  • TR: Yirtici Geceler Yirtici Geceler
  • FR: Savage Nights Savage Nights
Director Cyril Collard
Artists Romane Bohringer
as Laura
Jean-Christophe Bouvet
as Serge
Released 25 Feb 1994
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