Un crime au paradis 2001

In the 1980 French countryside, farmer Jojo and his ill-tempered wife Lulu hate each other, though their respective interests speak against divorce. The only thing that keeps the oppressed ...

All Titles
  • FR: Un crime au paradis Un crime au paradis
  • CA: Un crime au paradis Un crime au paradis
  • FR: Une mort au paradis Une mort au paradis
  • GR: Eglima ston paradeiso Eglima ston paradeiso
  • HU: Bűntény a paradicsomban Bűntény a paradicsomban
  • IT: Omicidio in paradiso Omicidio in paradiso
  • PL: Zbrodnia w raju Zbrodnia w raju
  • PT: Um Crime no Paraíso Um Crime no Paraíso
  • RU: Преступление в раю Преступление в раю
  • RS: Zločin u raju Zločin u raju
  • ES: Un crimen en el paraíso Un crimen en el paraíso
  • FR: A Crime in Paradise A Crime in Paradise
Directed by Jean Becker show all movies of Jean Becker
Artists Josiane Balasko
as Lulu Braconnier
Release date 28 Feb 2001
Genre Comedy
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