Tolle Zeiten... 1991

A working man brutally loses both his job and his wife. He suddenly discovers poverty and is thrown in the street where he will meet tramps who will help him recover what he has lost.

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  • FR: Une époque formidable... Une époque formidable...
  • HU: Napjaink félelme Napjaink félelme
  • IT: Formidabili amici... Formidabili amici...
  • NL: De tijd van m'n leven De tijd van m'n leven
  • PL: Wspaniala epoka Wspaniala epoka
  • FR: Замечательная эпоха Замечательная эпоха
  • ES: Una época formidable Una época formidable
  • SE: Fattiga riddare Fattiga riddare
  • TR: Muhtesem Yillar Muhtesem Yillar
  • : Wonderful Times Wonderful Times
Directed by Gérard Jugnot show all movies of Gérard Jugnot
Artists Victoria Abril
as Juliette
Release date 19 Jun 1991
Genre Comedy Drama
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