Time Bandits 1981

A young boy accidentally joins a band of time travelling dwarves, as they jump from era to era looking for treasure to steal.

All Titles
  • UA: Time Bandits Time Bandits
  • BR: Os Bandidos do Tempo Os Bandidos do Tempo
  • BG: Бандити на времето Бандити на времето
  • CA: Bandits bandits Bandits bandits
  • DK: Time Bandits Time Bandits
  • EG: Qarasenat alzaman Qarasenat alzaman
  • FI: Banditer, banditer! Banditer, banditer!
  • FI: Aikavarkaat Aikavarkaat
  • FI: Rosvoja, rosvoja! Rosvoja, rosvoja!
  • FI: Time Bandits - Aikavarkaat Time Bandits - Aikavarkaat
  • FR: Bandits, bandits Bandits, bandits
  • GR: Yperohoi listes Yperohoi listes
  • GR: Yperohoi listes kai ta koulouvahata tis istorias Yperohoi listes kai ta koulouvahata tis istorias
  • GR: Υπέροχοι ληστές και τα κουλουβάχατα της ιστορίας Υπέροχοι ληστές και τα κουλουβάχατα της ιστορίας
  • GR: Trela koulouvaxata tis istorias Trela koulouvaxata tis istorias
  • HU: Időbanditák Időbanditák
  • IR: Sareghan-e zaman Sareghan-e zaman
  • IT: I banditi del tempo I banditi del tempo
  • JP: Bandit Q Bandit Q
  • LT: Laiko banditai Laiko banditai
  • MX: Bandidos del tiempo Bandidos del tiempo
  • PL: Bandyci czasu Bandyci czasu
  • PT: Os Ladrões do Tempo Os Ladrões do Tempo
  • RS: Vremenski banditi Vremenski banditi
  • SI: Razbojniki za vse case Razbojniki za vse case
  • UA: Бандиты во времени Бандиты во времени
  • ES: Los héroes del tiempo Los héroes del tiempo
  • SE: Det våras för banditerna Det våras för banditerna
  • SE: Time Bandits Time Bandits
  • TR: Zaman Haydutlari Zaman Haydutlari
  • UY: Los aventureros del tiempo Los aventureros del tiempo
  • YU: Razbojniki za vse čase Razbojniki za vse čase
  • YU: Razbojnici za sva vremena Razbojnici za sva vremena
Directed by Terry Gilliam show all movies of Terry Gilliam
Artists John Cleese
as Robin Hood
Sean Connery
as King Agamemnon / Fireman
Ian Holm
as Napoleon
Release date 06 Nov 1981
Genre Adventure Comedy Fantasy Sci-Fi
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