Sandrine sieht rot 1999

Maxime and Gerard are a couple of white-collar criminals condemned to 5 years in prison. Sandrine Athan, an honest and principled young police officer, is assigned the banal task of ...

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  • FR: Trafic d'influence Trafic d'influence
  • BG: Услуга за услуга Услуга за услуга
  • HU: Póruljárt fegyencfurgon Póruljárt fegyencfurgon
  • FR: Influence Peddling Influence Peddling
Directed by Dominique Farrugia show all movies of Dominique Farrugia
Artists Aure Atika
as Sandrine Athan
Lionel Abelanski
as Serge
Marie-Christine Adam
as La restauratrice
Release date 31 Mar 1999
Genre Comedy
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