Problem Child 1990

A young boy is just short of a monster. He is adopted by a loving man and his wacky wife. The laughs keep coming as the boy pushes them to the limits.

All Titles
  • US: Problem Child Problem Child
  • AR: Adorable criatura Adorable criatura
  • BR: O Pestinha O Pestinha
  • CA: Le petit monstre Le petit monstre
  • HR: Problematično dijete Problematično dijete
  • DK: Far, mor og møgunge Far, mor og møgunge
  • FI: Kauhukakara Kauhukakara
  • FR: Junior le terrible Junior le terrible
  • GR: To tromero paidi To tromero paidi
  • HU: Talpig zűrben Talpig zűrben
  • IR: Bacheye Dardesarsaz Bacheye Dardesarsaz
  • IT: Piccola peste Piccola peste
  • MX: Adorable criatura Adorable criatura
  • PE: Adorable criatura Adorable criatura
  • PL: Kochany urwis Kochany urwis
  • PT: O Pestinha O Pestinha
  • RO: Copilul problema Copilul problema
  • RU: Трудный ребёнок Трудный ребёнок
  • RS: Problematično dete Problematično dete
  • SI: Problematicen mulc Problematicen mulc
  • ES: Este chico es un demonio Este chico es un demonio
  • SE: Satungen Satungen
  • TR: Problem çocuk Problem çocuk
  • UA: Проблемна дитина Проблемна дитина
  • US: So ein Satansbraten So ein Satansbraten
Directed by Dennis Dugan show all movies of Dennis Dugan
Artists John Ritter
as Benjamin 'Ben' Healy, Jr.
Amy Yasbeck
as Flo Healy
Melissa Reneé Martin
as Friend #2 (as Melissa Martin)
Release date 27 Jul 1990
Genre Comedy Family
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