Murder by Numbers 1990

Hired by the deceased's ex-wife, a private eye checks out the death of a gay man who had AIDS.

All Titles
  • US: Murder by Numbers Murder by Numbers
  • BR: O Próximo Assassinato O Próximo Assassinato
  • IT: Delitto numero due Delitto numero due
  • NL: Murder One... Murder Two Murder One... Murder Two
  • ES: El próximo asesinato El próximo asesinato
  • US: Murder 1, Murder 2 Murder 1, Murder 2
  • US: Ein allzu klarer Fall Ein allzu klarer Fall
Directed by Paul Leder show all movies of Paul Leder
Artists Shari Belafonte
as Lisa
Jayne Meadows
as Pamela
Release date 05 Jun 1990
Genre Crime Thriller
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