Lügen macht erfinderisch 2009

Comedy Fantasy Romance

A comedy set in a world where no one has ever lied, until a writer seizes the opportunity for personal gain.

All Titles
  • US: The Invention of Lying The Invention of Lying
  • AR: La mentira original La mentira original
  • BR: O Primeiro Mentiroso O Primeiro Mentiroso
  • BG: Раждането на лъжата Раждането на лъжата
  • CA: L'invention du mensonge L'invention du mensonge
  • CA: Au Coeur de la vérité... le mensonge Au Coeur de la vérité... le mensonge
  • DK: En sand løgn En sand løgn
  • FI: Valehtelemisen sietämätön keveys Valehtelemisen sietämätön keveys
  • FR: Mytho-man! Mytho-man!
  • GR: O pseftaras O pseftaras
  • GR: Ο ψευταράς Ο ψευταράς
  • HU: Lódító hódító Lódító hódító
  • IT: Il primo dei bugiardi Il primo dei bugiardi
  • LT: Melo išradimas Melo išradimas
  • NO: Uærlighetens pris Uærlighetens pris
  • PL: Bylo sobie klamstwo Bylo sobie klamstwo
  • PT: A Invenção da Mentira A Invenção da Mentira
  • RO: Inventarea minciunii Inventarea minciunii
  • RU: Изобретение лжи Изобретение лжи
  • RS: Otkriće laganja Otkriće laganja
  • SI: Izum lazi Izum lazi
  • ES: Increíble pero falso Increíble pero falso
  • TR: Yalanin Icadi Yalanin Icadi
  • US: This Side of the Truth This Side of the Truth
Director Ricky Gervais Matthew Robinson
Artists Philip Seymour Hoffman
as Jim the Bartender
Rob Lowe
as Brad Kessler
Jason Bateman
as Doctor
Released 02 Oct 2009
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