Lost Highway 1997

After a bizarre encounter at a party, a jazz saxophonist is framed for the murder of his wife and sent to prison, where he inexplicably morphs into a young mechanic and begins leading a new life.

All Titles
  • FR: Lost Highway Lost Highway
  • AR: Carretera perdida Carretera perdida
  • BR: Estrada Perdida Estrada Perdida
  • BG: Изгубената магистрала Изгубената магистрала
  • CA: Route perdue Route perdue
  • HR: Izgubljena cesta Izgubljena cesta
  • DK: Lost Highway Lost Highway
  • FR: Lost Highway Lost Highway
  • GR: Hameni leoforos Hameni leoforos
  • GR: Χαμένη λεωφόρος Χαμένη λεωφόρος
  • HU: Lost Highway - Útvesztőben Lost Highway - Útvesztőben
  • IT: Strade perdute Strade perdute
  • LT: Pamirštas greitkelis Pamirštas greitkelis
  • MX: Por el lado oscuro del camino Por el lado oscuro del camino
  • PL: Zagubiona autostrada Zagubiona autostrada
  • PT: Lost Highway: Estrada Perdida Lost Highway: Estrada Perdida
  • RO: Metamorfoze Metamorfoze
  • RU: Шоссе в никуда Шоссе в никуда
  • RS: Izgubljeni auto-put Izgubljeni auto-put
  • SI: Izgubljena cesta Izgubljena cesta
  • ES: Carretera perdida Carretera perdida
  • TR: Kayip otoban Kayip otoban
  • UA: Шосе в нiкуди Шосе в нiкуди
  • UY: Carretera perdida Carretera perdida
Directed by David Lynch show all movies of David Lynch
Artists Patricia Arquette
as Renee Madison / Alice Wakefield
David Lynch
as Morgue Attendant (scenes deleted)
Bill Pullman
as Fred Madison
Release date 10 Apr 1997
Genre Mystery Thriller
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