Les ripoux 1984

Rene is a "ripou", a rotten cop who makes ends meet by accepting bribes, presents and free drinks from the people he should be putting in jail. When his partner retires, he must team up ...

All Titles
  • FR: Les ripoux Les ripoux
  • AR: Los repodridos Los repodridos
  • BE: De klabakken De klabakken
  • BR: Golpe de Tiras Golpe de Tiras
  • BG: Отворете, полиция! Отворете, полиция!
  • DK: Strisser på skråplan Strisser på skråplan
  • FI: Pariisin kytät Pariisin kytät
  • GR: Kyrie batse, peste mas poios sas ladose hthes? Kyrie batse, peste mas poios sas ladose hthes?
  • HU: Zsaroló zsaruk Zsaroló zsaruk
  • IT: Il commissadro Il commissadro
  • PL: Skorumpowani Skorumpowani
  • PT: Agarra Que é Polícia Agarra Que é Polícia
  • SI: Pokvarjeni policaji Pokvarjeni policaji
  • FR: Откройте, полиция! Откройте, полиция!
  • ES: Los locos defensores de la ley Los locos defensores de la ley
  • SE: Muta och kör Muta och kör
  • TR: Avantacilar Avantacilar
  • UA: Вiдкрийте, полiцiя Вiдкрийте, полiцiя
  • UA: Le cop Le cop
  • US: My New Partner My New Partner
  • FR: Die Bestechlichen Die Bestechlichen
Directed by Claude Zidi show all movies of Claude Zidi
Artists Pierre Baton
as Le procureur
Release date 08 Mar 1985
Genre Comedy Crime
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