Jennifer's Body - Jungs nach ihrem Geschmack 2009

A newly possessed high school cheerleader turns into a succubus who specializes in killing her male classmates. Can her best friend put an end to the horror?

All Titles
  • US: Jennifer's Body Jennifer's Body
  • AR: Diabólica tentación Diabólica tentación
  • BR: Garota Infernal Garota Infernal
  • BG: Страстите на Дженифър Страстите на Дженифър
  • CA: Le corps de Jennifer Le corps de Jennifer
  • HR: Tijelo lijepe Jennifer Tijelo lijepe Jennifer
  • CZ: Jennifer's Body - Bacha, kouse! Jennifer's Body - Bacha, kouse!
  • FI: Jennifer's Body Jennifer's Body
  • FI: Cheerleader helvetistä Cheerleader helvetistä
  • GR: To kormi tis Jennifer To kormi tis Jennifer
  • GR: To soma pou skotonei To soma pou skotonei
  • GR: Το σώμα που σκοτώνει Το σώμα που σκοτώνει
  • HU: Ördög bújt beléd Ördög bújt beléd
  • IT: Jennifer's Body Jennifer's Body
  • JP: Jennifer's Body Jennifer's Body
  • LT: Dzeniferes kunas Dzeniferes kunas
  • MX: Diabólica tentación Diabólica tentación
  • PE: Diabólica tentación Diabólica tentación
  • PL: Zabójcze cialo Zabójcze cialo
  • PT: O Corpo de Jennifer O Corpo de Jennifer
  • RO: Trupul lui Jennifer Trupul lui Jennifer
  • RU: Тело Дженнифер Тело Дженнифер
  • RS: Opasna Dženifer Opasna Dženifer
  • SI: Telo lepe Jennifer Telo lepe Jennifer
  • ES: Jennifer's Body Jennifer's Body
  • TR: Kana susadim Kana susadim
  • US: Jennifer's Body Jennifer's Body
Directed by Karyn Kusama show all movies of Karyn Kusama
Artists Lance Henriksen
as Passing Motorist
Ed Anders
as Orderly
Michael Brock
as Goth Boy
Release date 18 Sep 2009
Genre Comedy Horror
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