Jasper Park - Ausflug in den Tod 2008

While camping in Jasper Park up North California, the couple Tom Alan Smithee and Gwen Marie Holden are attacked by a group of strangers; Tom is immediately killed and Gwen is abducted by ...

All Titles
  • US: Backwoods Backwoods
  • BR: O Bosque O Bosque
  • EE: Võitlus elu nimel Võitlus elu nimel
  • FR: Le cauchemar de la forêt Le cauchemar de la forêt
  • GR: Paihnidia epiviosis Paihnidia epiviosis
  • HU: Jasper Park - Kirándulás a halálba Jasper Park - Kirándulás a halálba
  • IT: Gioco letale Gioco letale
  • JP: Naked: Survival Game Naked: Survival Game
  • PT: Perigo no Bosque Perigo no Bosque
  • RO: În adancul padurii În adancul padurii
  • RU: Игра на выживание Игра на выживание
Directed by Martin Jay Weiss show all movies of Martin Jay Weiss
Artists Danny Nucci
as Perry Walters
Mark Rolston
as Ricks
Haylie Duff
as Lee
Release date 03 Jan 2008
Genre Action Horror Thriller
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