Hercules 1997

Animation Adventure Comedy Family Fantasy Musical Romance

The son of Zeus and Hera is stripped of his immortality as an infant and must become a true hero in order to reclaim it.

All Titles
  • US: Hercules Hercules
  • AL: Herkuli Herkuli
  • AR: Hércules Hércules
  • BE: Hercules Hercules
  • BR: Hércules Hércules
  • BG: Херкулес Херкулес
  • CA: Hercules Hercules
  • HR: Herkul Herkul
  • DK: Herkules Herkules
  • FI: Herkules Herkules
  • FI: Herkules Herkules
  • FR: Hercule Hercule
  • GR: Iraklis: Pera apo to mytho Iraklis: Pera apo to mytho
  • GR: Ηρακλής: Πέρα από το μύθο Ηρακλής: Πέρα από το μύθο
  • HU: Herkules Herkules
  • LT: Heraklis Heraklis
  • MX: Hércules Hércules
  • NL: Hercules Hercules
  • NO: Herkules Herkules
  • PE: Hércules Hércules
  • PL: Herkules Herkules
  • PT: Hércules Hércules
  • RO: Hercule Hercule
  • RU: Геркулес Геркулес
  • RS: Herkul Herkul
  • SI: Herkul Herkul
  • ES: Hércules Hércules
  • ES: Hèrcules Hèrcules
  • SE: Herkules Herkules
  • TR: Herkül Herkül
  • UA: Геркулес Геркулес
  • US: Hercules Hercules
Director Ron Clements John Musker
Artists Charlton Heston
as Narrator
James Woods
as Hades
Danny DeVito
as Phil
Released 27 Jun 1997
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