Goofy und Max 1992

The classic Disney character, Goofy is a single father raising his son, Max in Spoonerville. Pete, a frequent antagonist from the old cartoons, lives next door with his family.

All Titles
  • US: Goof Troop Goof Troop
  • AR: La troopa Goofy La troopa Goofy
  • BR: A Turma do Pateta A Turma do Pateta
  • CA: Dingo et sa famille Dingo et sa famille
  • DK: Max og Mule Max og Mule
  • FI: Hopon poppoo Hopon poppoo
  • FR: La bande à Dingo La bande à Dingo
  • GR: Goof Troop Goof Troop
  • HU: Dinka banda Dinka banda
  • HU: Goofy és csapata Goofy és csapata
  • IT: Ecco Pippo! Ecco Pippo!
  • JP: Papa wa Goofy Papa wa Goofy
  • JP: Goof Troop Goof Troop
  • NO: Langbein og sønn Langbein og sønn
  • PL: Goofy i inni Goofy i inni
  • PT: A Trupe do Pateta A Trupe do Pateta
  • PT: A Pandilha do Pateta A Pandilha do Pateta
  • RU: Гуфи и его команда Гуфи и его команда
  • ES: La tropa Goofy La tropa Goofy
  • SE: Långbens galna gäng Långbens galna gäng
  • TR: Goof Troop Goof Troop
  • US: Disney's Goof Troop Disney's Goof Troop
Artists Patrick Duffy
as 1 episode, 1992
Dorian Harewood
as 1 episode, 1992
Nancy Cartwright
as Pistol Pete / 58 episodes, 1992
Release date 05 Sep 1992
Genre Animation Comedy Family Music
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