G.I. Joe: The Movie 1987

The heroic G.I. Joe action force must oppose the ruthless Cobra organization that has secretly allied with a subterranean reptilian people who were their founders.

All Titles
  • JP: G.I. Joe: The Movie G.I. Joe: The Movie
  • HU: A kommandó A kommandó
  • PL: Akcja G.I. Joe Akcja G.I. Joe
  • JP: Джо-солдат: Настоящий американский герой Джо-солдат: Настоящий американский герой
  • ES: G.I. Joe: La película G.I. Joe: La película
  • UA: Action Force: The Movie Action Force: The Movie
  • US: G.I. Joe: The Movie G.I. Joe: The Movie
Directed by Don Jurwich show all movies of Don Jurwich
Artists Don Johnson
as Lt. Falcon
Charlie Adler
as Low Light
Shuko Akune
as Jinx
Release date 14 Aug 1987
Genre Animation Action Adventure Family Fantasy Sci-Fi
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