Foodfight! 2009

The evil Brand X joins a supermarket that becomes a city after closing time.

All Titles
  • US: Foodfight! Foodfight!
  • BR: A Guerra das Comidas A Guerra das Comidas
  • DK: Foodfight! Foodfight!
  • EE: Toidusõda! Toidusõda!
  • FI: Foodfight! Foodfight!
  • LT: Naktis prekybos centre Naktis prekybos centre
  • PT: Luta de Comida! Luta de Comida!
  • RU: Ночь в супермаркете Ночь в супермаркете
  • SE: Foodfight! Foodfight!
  • US: The Epitamy of CGI The Epitamy of CGI
Directed by Lawrence Kasanoff show all movies of Lawrence Kasanoff
Artists Charlie Sheen
as Dex Dogtective
Christopher Lloyd
as Mr. Clipboard
Edward Asner
as Mr. Leonard
Release date 12 Feb 2013
Genre Animation Action Comedy Family Fantasy Mystery Sci-Fi
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