Feuer, Eis & Dynamit 1990

A tycoon's children and creditors compete for his money in an athletic contest.

All Titles
  • Огонь, лёд и динамит
  • Feuer, Eis und Dynamit
  • Fire, Ice & Dynamite
  • BR: O Desafio dos Milhões O Desafio dos Milhões
  • BR: Fogo e Gelo Fogo e Gelo
  • BR: O Grande Desafio O Grande Desafio
  • CA: Mégathon: la course du siècle Mégathon: la course du siècle
  • FI: Pelkkää dynamiittia Pelkkää dynamiittia
  • GR: Fotia, pagos & dynamitis Fotia, pagos & dynamitis
  • HU: Tűz, jég és dinamit Tűz, jég és dinamit
  • IT: Fuoco, neve e... dinamite Fuoco, neve e... dinamite
  • PT: Fogo, Gelo e Dinamite Fogo, Gelo e Dinamite
  • ES: Fuego, nieve y dinamita Fuego, nieve y dinamita
  • SE: Fire, Ice & Dynamite Fire, Ice & Dynamite
Directed by Willy Bogner show all movies of Willy Bogner
Artists Roger Moore
as Sir George
Buzz Aldrin
as Bayer Team Leader / Himself
Shari Belafonte
as Serena
Release date 18 Oct 1990
Genre Action Comedy Sport
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