Emergency Room - Helden im O.P. 1994

Drama Romance

The lives, loves and losses of the doctors and nurses of Chicago's County General Hospital.

All Titles
  • ER
  • Emergency Room: Die Notaufnahme
  • US: ER ER
  • AR: ER Emergencias ER Emergencias
  • BR: Plantão Médico Plantão Médico
  • BR: ER: Plantão Médico ER: Plantão Médico
  • BG: Спешно отделение Спешно отделение
  • HR: Hitna služba Hitna služba
  • DK: Skadestuen Skadestuen
  • EE: Kiirabihaigla Kiirabihaigla
  • FI: Teho-osasto Teho-osasto
  • FR: Urgences Urgences
  • GR: Stin entatiki Stin entatiki
  • GR: Στην εντατική Στην εντατική
  • HU: Vészhelyzet Vészhelyzet
  • IT: E.R. - Medici in prima linea E.R. - Medici in prima linea
  • LT: Ligonines priimamasis Ligonines priimamasis
  • MX: Sala de emergencias Sala de emergencias
  • NO: Akutten Akutten
  • PL: Ostry dyżur Ostry dyżur
  • PT: Serviço de Urgência Serviço de Urgência
  • RO: Spitalul de urgenta Spitalul de urgenta
  • RU: Скорая помощь Скорая помощь
  • RS: Urgentni centar Urgentni centar
  • SI: Urgenca Urgenca
  • ES: Urgencias Urgencias
  • SE: Cityakuten Cityakuten
  • UA: Швидка допомога Швидка допомога
  • US: Emergency Room Emergency Room
  • US: E.R. E.R.
  • UY: Sala de urgencias Sala de urgencias
Artists Eriq La Salle
as Peter Benton / 173 episodes, 1994-2009
Troy Evans
as Frank Martin / 129 episodes, 1994-2009
Brian Lester
as 96 episodes, 1996-2009