Dreizehn 2003

A thirteen-year-old girl's relationship with her mother is put to the test as she discovers drugs, sex, and petty crime in the company of her cool but troubled best friend.

All Titles
  • US: Thirteen Thirteen
  • AR: A los trece A los trece
  • AT: Dreizehn Dreizehn
  • BR: Aos Treze Aos Treze
  • BG: Тринайсет Тринайсет
  • CA: Treize ans Treize ans
  • HR: Trinaest Trinaest
  • EE: Kolmteist Kolmteist
  • FI: Kolmetoista Kolmetoista
  • FI: Tretton Tretton
  • FR: Thirteen Thirteen
  • GR: Dekatrion Dekatrion
  • HU: Tizenhárom Tizenhárom
  • IT: Thirteen - 13 anni Thirteen - 13 anni
  • MX: A los trece A los trece
  • PL: Trzynastka Trzynastka
  • PT: Treze - Inocência Perdida Treze - Inocência Perdida
  • RU: Тринадцать Тринадцать
  • RS: Trinaest Trinaest
  • SI: Trinajstletnici Trinajstletnici
  • ES: Thirteen Thirteen
  • SE: Tretton Tretton
  • TR: Onüç Onüç
  • UA: Тринадцять Тринадцять
  • US: Thirteen Thirteen
  • UY: A los trece A los trece
Directed by Catherine Hardwicke show all movies of Catherine Hardwicke
Artists Holly Hunter
as Melanie Freeland
Deborah Kara Unger
as Brooke LaLaine
Jeremy Sisto
as Brady
Release date 19 Sep 2003
Genre Drama
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