Die Tuschs - Mit Karacho nach Monaco! 2011

When the Tuche family wins 100 million euros, they will need to be accepted in swanky Monaco whilst staying true to themselves.

All Titles
  • FR: Les Tuche Les Tuche
  • BG: Семейство Туш Семейство Туш
  • HU: Reszkess, Monaco! Reszkess, Monaco!
  • PL: Rodzina Tuche Rodzina Tuche
  • RU: 100 миллионов евро 100 миллионов евро
  • UA: 100 мiльйонiв eвро 100 мiльйонiв eвро
  • FR: The Tuche Family The Tuche Family
Directed by Olivier Baroux
Artists Olivier Baroux
as Monnier
Pierre Bellemare
as Le maire de Bouzolles
Release date 01 Jul 2011
Genre Comedy
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Die Tuschs - Mit Karacho nach Monaco! 2011