Desperate Measures - Jede Stunde zählt 1998

Frank Conner is an honest police officer who desperately needs to save his son's life. However, after losing all hope, he finds out that a criminal Peter McCabe in jail is his only savior.

All Titles
  • US: Desperate Measures Desperate Measures
  • AR: Pacto con la muerte Pacto con la muerte
  • BR: Medidas Desesperadas Medidas Desesperadas
  • BG: Последен шанс Последен шанс
  • CA: Derniers recours Derniers recours
  • HR: Očajnički čin Očajnički čin
  • CZ: Hranice zoufalství Hranice zoufalství
  • FI: Piinaavat hetket Piinaavat hetket
  • FR: L'enjeu L'enjeu
  • GR: Apegnosmenes kiniseis Apegnosmenes kiniseis
  • GR: Απεγνωσμένες κινήσεις Απεγνωσμένες κινήσεις
  • HU: Gyilkos donor Gyilkos donor
  • IT: Soluzione estrema Soluzione estrema
  • MX: Horas de angustia Horas de angustia
  • PL: W akcie desperacji W akcie desperacji
  • PT: Medidas Desesperadas Medidas Desesperadas
  • RO: Masuri disperate Masuri disperate
  • RU: Отчаянные меры Отчаянные меры
  • RS: Očajničke mere Očajničke mere
  • SK: Hranica zúfalstva Hranica zúfalstva
  • ES: Medidas desesperadas Medidas desesperadas
  • ES: Mesures desesperades Mesures desesperades
  • SE: Sista utvägen Sista utvägen
  • TR: Son umut Son umut
Directed by Barbet Schroeder show all movies of Barbet Schroeder
Artists Andy Garcia
as Frank Conner
Michael Keaton
as Peter McCabe
Marcia Gay Harden
as Dr. Samantha Hawkins
Release date 30 Jan 1998
Genre Action Crime Drama Thriller
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