Der Zwilling 1984

Matthias Duval is in love, but he can't choose between the two twin sisters Betty and Liz Kerner. To pick up the two sisters, he invents his own twin brother and will play both characters.

All Titles
  • FR: Le jumeau Le jumeau
  • AR: El gemelo El gemelo
  • CA: Le jumeau Le jumeau
  • FR: Dvojče Dvojče
  • EU: The Twin The Twin
  • GR: O didymos O didymos
  • HU: Az iker Az iker
  • NO: Tvillingen Tvillingen
  • PL: Blizniak Blizniak
  • FR: Близнец Близнец
  • UA: Близнюк Близнюк
  • UA: The Twin The Twin
  • US: The Twin The Twin
  • FR: Der Zwilling Der Zwilling
  • FR: The Twin The Twin
  • FR: The Twin The Twin
  • : The Twin The Twin
Directed by Yves Robert show all movies of Yves Robert
Artists Yves Robert
as L'homme dans l'ascenseur
Pierre Richard
as Matthias Duval
Release date 19 Dec 1985
Genre Comedy
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