Däumeline 1994

The tiny girl meets a fairy Prince who saves her from the creatures of the woods.

All Titles
  • IE: Thumbelina Thumbelina
  • BR: A Polegarzinha A Polegarzinha
  • BG: Палечка Палечка
  • CA: Poucette Poucette
  • HR: Palčica Palčica
  • CZ: O Malence O Malence
  • DK: Tommelise Tommelise
  • EE: Pöial-Liisi Pöial-Liisi
  • FI: Peukalo-Liisa Peukalo-Liisa
  • FR: Poucelina Poucelina
  • GR: I tosodoula I tosodoula
  • GR: Η Τοσοδούλα Η Τοσοδούλα
  • HU: Hüvelyk Panna Hüvelyk Panna
  • IS: Þumalína Þumalína
  • IT: Thumbelina - Pollicina Thumbelina - Pollicina
  • JP: Oyayubihime sanberina Oyayubihime sanberina
  • LT: Coliuke Coliuke
  • MX: Pulgarcita Pulgarcita
  • NL: Don Bluth's Duimelijntje Don Bluth's Duimelijntje
  • NL: Duimelijntje Duimelijntje
  • NO: Tommelise Tommelise
  • PL: Calineczka Calineczka
  • PT: A Polegarzinha A Polegarzinha
  • RO: Degetica Degetica
  • RU: Дюймовочка Дюймовочка
  • RS: Palčica Palčica
  • SI: Palcica Palcica
  • ES: Pulgarcita Pulgarcita
  • SE: Tummelisa Tummelisa
  • UA: Дюймовочка Дюймовочка
  • US: Hans Christian Andersen's Thumbelina Hans Christian Andersen's Thumbelina
Directed by Don Bluth,Gary Goldman show all movies of Don Bluth,Gary Goldman
Artists John Hurt
as Mr. Mole
as Mrs. (Ma) Toad
June Foray
as Queen Tabitha
Release date 30 Mar 1994
Genre Animation Family Fantasy Musical Romance
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