Blue Exorcist - The Movie 2012

Rin and his friends, along with the rest of True Cross Academy Town, are in the midst of preparing for a festival that is celebrated only once every 11 years. While the barriers protecting ...

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  • JP: Ao no ekusoshisuto: Gekijôban Ao no ekusoshisuto: Gekijôban
  • FR: Blue Exorcist: le film Blue Exorcist: le film
  • JP: Ao no Exorcist Gekijouban Ao no Exorcist Gekijouban
  • JP: Ao no Futsumashi Gekijôban Ao no Futsumashi Gekijôban
  • RU: Синий экзорцист Синий экзорцист
  • JP: Blue Exorcist: The Movie Blue Exorcist: The Movie
  • : Blue Exorcist the Movie Blue Exorcist the Movie
Directed by Atsushi Takahashi show all movies of Atsushi Takahashi
Artists Brian Beacock
as Renzo Shima (voice)
Johnny Yong Bosch
as Yukio Okumura (voice)
Wendee Lee
as Shira Kirigakure (voice)
Release date 28 Dec 2012
Genre Animation Fantasy
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