Black Widow 1987

A federal investigator tracks down a gold digging woman who moves from husband to husband, kills them and collects the inheritance.

All Titles
  • US: Black Widow Black Widow
  • AR: Viuda negra Viuda negra
  • AU: Bullseye Bullseye
  • BR: O Mistério da Viúva Negra O Mistério da Viúva Negra
  • BG: Чeрната вдовица Чeрната вдовица
  • CA: La veuve noire La veuve noire
  • HR: Crna udovica Crna udovica
  • US: Černá vdova Černá vdova
  • DK: Den sorte enke Den sorte enke
  • FI: Musta leski Musta leski
  • FR: La veuve noire La veuve noire
  • GR: Diavoliki hira Diavoliki hira
  • HU: Fekete özvegy Fekete özvegy
  • IL: Almana Shohra Almana Shohra
  • IT: La vedova nera La vedova nera
  • MX: La viuda negra La viuda negra
  • NO: Sort enke Sort enke
  • PL: Czarna wdowa Czarna wdowa
  • PT: A Viúva Negra A Viúva Negra
  • RS: Crna udovica Crna udovica
  • SI: Črna vdova Črna vdova
  • US: Чeрная вдова Чeрная вдова
  • ES: El caso de la viuda negra El caso de la viuda negra
  • SE: Svarta änkan Svarta änkan
  • TR: Kara dul Kara dul
  • UA: Black Widow Black Widow
  • US: Borgia Borgia
  • US: Die schwarze Witwe Die schwarze Witwe
Directed by Bob Rafelson show all movies of Bob Rafelson
Artists Dennis Hopper
as Ben
David Mamet
as Herb
Theresa Russell
as Catharine
Release date 06 Feb 1987
Genre Crime Drama Thriller
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