Barett - Das Gesetz der Rache 1993

A framed prison escapee unknowingly kidnaps a female cop en-route to a rendezvous with the corrupt cop who put him behind bars.

All Titles
  • Joshua Tree
  • Joshua Tree - Das Gesetz der Rache
  • US: Joshua Tree Joshua Tree
  • AR: Escape mortal Escape mortal
  • AR: Fuga mortal Fuga mortal
  • BR: Fuga Mortal Fuga Mortal
  • BG: Дървото на Джошуа Дървото на Джошуа
  • DK: Vild flugt Vild flugt
  • EG: Forced Vengeance Forced Vengeance
  • EE: Joosua puu Joosua puu
  • FI: Villi pako Villi pako
  • FR: Au dessus de la loi Au dessus de la loi
  • GR: Enedra sto Joshua Tree Enedra sto Joshua Tree
  • HU: Sivatagi lavina Sivatagi lavina
  • IT: Caccia mortale Caccia mortale
  • PK: Joshua Tree - Hard Hunted Joshua Tree - Hard Hunted
  • PE: Fuga mortal Fuga mortal
  • PL: Drzewo Joshuy Drzewo Joshuy
  • PT: Joshua Tree - A Fúria de um Duro Joshua Tree - A Fúria de um Duro
  • RO: Copacul lui Joshua Copacul lui Joshua
  • RU: Дерево Джошуа Дерево Джошуа
  • RU: Армия одиночки Армия одиночки
  • RS: Smrtonosna vožnja Smrtonosna vožnja
  • ES: Fuga mortal Fuga mortal
  • TR: Tehlikeli Oyun Tehlikeli Oyun
  • UA: Joshua Tree Joshua Tree
  • US: Army of One Army of One
Directed by Vic Armstrong show all movies of Vic Armstrong
Artists Dolph Lundgren
as Wellman Anthony Santee
George Segal
as Lt. Franklin L. Severence
Khandi Alexander
as Maralena Turner
Release date 27 Mar 1993
Genre Action Adventure Crime Drama Mystery Thriller
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