Absolument fabuleux 2001

Patsy has a penchant for alcohol, especially for a famous brand of champagne. Eddie is obsessed with her curves and perpetually electrified by cocaine, soothed by countless different sleeping pills.

All Titles
  • FR: Absolument fabuleux Absolument fabuleux
  • AR: Absolutamente fabulosas Absolutamente fabulosas
  • BR: Absolutamente Fabulosas Absolutamente Fabulosas
  • BR: Absolutamente Poderosas Absolutamente Poderosas
  • HU: Nőrültek Nőrültek
  • RU: Распутницы Распутницы
  • ES: Absolutamente fabulosas Absolutamente fabulosas
  • FR: Absolutely Fabulous Absolutely Fabulous
Directed by Gabriel Aghion show all movies of Gabriel Aghion
Artists Catherine Deneuve
as Une spectatrice du défilé
Nathalie Baye
as Patricia
Josiane Balasko
as Eddie Mousson
Release date 29 Aug 2001
Genre Comedy
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